Exciting times

 August 2016

There hasn't been a lot to talk about since we finished our planting project, but as we are heading into summer 2017 we can definitely see a crop coming along nicely on the first batch of about 200 trees.

It's really quite amazing how we started with the seeds of only a few trees, and how much of a variety of trees we have ended up with. Some are looking very promising, with nicely dense shape and good amonts of green cherries, whilst others have turned out tall and on the lanky side with sparser coverage of leaves and less fruit. And then there is everything in between, so we will be very curious how the fruit is setting, and how much volume the average tree will have.


Bearing in mind it's the first real harvest we are looking towards, it's exciting times in our coffee gardens. Meanwhile it's the ususal mainainance around the trees, they didn't get a lot of fertiliser this year, but they have come through the winter in a green, lush and healthy manner!

IMG 3388













September 2016

These are the babies of the family; an interplanting of about 350 seedlings from New Caledonia - and no, they are not Christmas trees but coffees with a very IMG 3303interesting shape. We saw these a few years ago on a trip to New Caledonia, and here they are in their second year, looking great after the winter. We are really keen on these ones, they have an excellent root structure and did very well in the poor soils of New Caledonia. They are related to the mocha coffee, which originated in Yemen and is currently grown in Hawai.  So let's wait and see.


December 2016

Ripening now! After a warmer than usual September and cool October-November we are now seeing the first red cherries on our trees! We have had a look IMG 3369and yes!!! they are setting into nice, hard beans.








December, 22nd 2016

Harvest! Our first pick of early ripened cherries is about 30 kg and ready for pulping. Since this first picking we have processed another 120 kg of cherries.


IMG 3382











February, 14th 2017

The next generation of selected seedlings is on its way!


IMG 3390

March 26th 2017

Another piece of equipment has just arrived from China. Here is our first attempt of hulling the beans: https://youtu.be/T_7hAgbodTc